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Property Management and Engineering Solutions

Client area

Building Inspection

With a team of multidisciplinary engineers, Engepred performs Technical Inspections for all infrastructure systems of commercial, industrial and residential properties.

The building is diligently verified, i.e., all civil, electrical and hydraulic elements are checked and corrective actions are recommended, if required.

Self-inspections are a conscious way of investing in the property by ensuring its preservation, safety and best valuation.

Engepred has a team of highly qualified engineers to perform Technical Inspections of buildings in general, and to prepare Technical Reports and issue Technical Liability Documents (ARTs), according to the State Law 6400/13 and Municipal Law 126/13 requirements for the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Key assessments:

• Air-conditioning
• Automation
• Elevators
• Civil, electrical and hydraulic facilities
• Fire prevention and protection systems
• CCTV and alarm systems
• Protection systems against atmospheric discharges
• Telecommunications
• Cost analysis for electricity, water, and natural gas
• Verification of compliance with technical rules and federal, state, and municipal laws